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Recruiting the Right Person to the Right Position

With HRmonise you can be sure your recruiting process is objective and aligned to the role description.  Starting by clearly defining your requirements for the position, means you can focus on recruiting the right person for your position.

With a dedicated recruitment modules, HRmonise makes your recruitment process simple:

  1. Design the role description in outcome-based terms, and determine the critical competencies needed to do the role to the level you require.
  2. The advertisement is easily created from the role description and HRmonise lets you generate role descriptions for distribution to candidates with additional introductory information about your organisation and details on how to apply.
  3. First impressions are always important. HRmonise lets you easily communicate with your applicants. Emailing acknowledgements to applicants is one mouse click away. You can also send all applicants progress updates or additional information from within the system.
  4. Shortlisting applications is made easy, using the position description requirements. Generate shortlist reports to circulate to the other members on the committee with ease.
  5. Schedule your interviews and have the interviewees confirm their attendance from within the system.
  6. With a database of questions aligned to the critical competencies, HRmonise makes preparing for your interview a breeze. No more trying to think up suitable questions. Just review the questions in HRmonise and tailor these to your needs. You can even write new questions and save these to the database. The new questions are then available to be used in other recruitments.
  7. HRmonise focuses on competency-based outcomes. This creates a robust interview process, where the interviewers need to concentrate on how well the candidate demonstrates their competence. By providing examples of how and when they have demonstrated the highest order of the competence in the past, provides great insight into the candidate’s ability and fitness for your position.
  8. The interview scores are ranked against the level of competence, providing an applicant “value” against the ideal role “value”. The attributes are also considered and scored. The final report shows the gap analysis and indicates development needs. It lets you consider the best person for your position, as well as providing the information on where the candidate may need support, or where they may be overqualified.

HRmonise: Giving you the performance metrics to make informed business decisions


I found my session [interview] mentally demanding and result driven which pushed my mental limits, yet I found it rewarding.

Posted by an interviewee

The HRmonise recruitment process was thorough, defensible and objective and allowed me to go the full Board with the confidence we had selected the best candidate as our new CEO.

Director, and Head of the HR Board Sub-Committee