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As a Manager, do you care how your employees are perceived internally and externally?

What are organisations doing to understand their employees better?


Many companies believe their greatest asset is their workforce, but not all companies or management fully understand the attitudes and perceptions of their staff. Conducting a 360 degree feedback survey to understand these attitudes and perceptions is critical in managing your staff well and efficiently.

Brief Definition

The term 360-Degree Feedback comes from the analogy with a compass. The survey looks at the manager’s performance at the centre and then from a 360 degree perspective; your manager, peers, subordinates, customers and suppliers. Obtaining feedback from various people in your work environment, offers a balanced approach with diverse ‘360’ perspectives.

The 360 degree survey can be used to facilitate professional development planning; enhancing and supporting the current and future business strategic goals.

The 360 degree feedback reviews the competencies and values required for you to perform your role well. The results help you to determine your strengths and behaviours and review areas for personal development. The long term goal is improved performance through an understanding of how others perceive you.

The 360 Degree Feedback survey allows you to learn things about yourself that others ‘know’ or perceive. Knowing what others feel about your competence and behaviours, provides you with a starting point for change; building on your strengths and addressing any weaknesses. The feedback survey is undertaken by key administrators and people they interact with in their work environment.


  • Improved feedback on individuals performance from more sources
  • Improve team communication and development
  • Better understanding for personal and organisational performance development needs
  • Information for individuals career development
  • Information for training needs assessment, planning and development.

The Questionnaire

HRmonise has an inbuilt feature that lets you easily complete 360 degree feedback surveys. The questionnaire has about 25 items, divided into two sets and ask the participants how well they feel the employee is performing:

  • The first set of questions are based on the critical competencies of the position as defined in the role description; and
  • The second set are the organisation’s values.

Participants should be able to complete the survey in 10 to 15 minutes, mainly by ticking boxes.

There is space at the end of the survey to add comments that may assist the employee.


Once an employee has been selected to undergo a 360 degree Feedback, the manager would need to verify the role description is correct.  A 360 degree survey is generated in HRmonise and a notice is emailed to the employee.  When the employee begins the survey they selects the relevant manager, peers, subordinates, customers and suppliers to participate in the survey; entering their name and email address.  Each participant also receives and email requesting them to complete the survey.

When the survey has been completed, the Manager can generate a report and discuss the result with the employee.

360 Degree Feedback Report

You will receive an individual employee report showing the employee’s results from all assessments.